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Entrepreneurship: Know When To Rest

I was recently asked a thoughtful question - As a small business owner, how do you manage work-life balance? Here was my response:

I’m sure many of us with businesses can relate - Although the hours are longer, unlike past ‘9-5’ jobs, I don't see the work I do as actual work. I see it as me living out one of my dreams. So, I can literally work around the clock without thought to time because I love working my dream. The downside to this is, I'm human and rest is important. So what helps me to stay balance is knowing when to rest.

There's a season for everything - a time to work hard and a time to rest. There are days when I'm working around the clock to meet a deadline. But after that portion of work is done, I make myself take a full day off to rest (eg; sleep, read, emergency phone/email only). I use Sundays to reset every week. Sometimes its actually very hard to rest, but I make myself do 0% of business work on Sundays. These times have helped me to live out my other dreams - growing and staying connected with my family and times with God. Hope this helps and looking forward to hearing great things about your new business. - Quan Hall, HGD CEO

What helps you to maintain work-life balance?

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