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HGD provides design and facility engineering related services, to both the public and private sector.  We partner with other quality small and large business design firms with facility engineering experience or requirements to respond to solicitations ranging from the Federal Government, State, city/municipalities, private sector and residential owners to provide studies, plans and specifications, Design-Build performance specifications, acquisition planning and construction management support.

HGD Services – Facility Engineering:  A facility is defined as a standing building created to serve a specific function.  HGD develops facility engineering designs for the design development of new and renovated facilities, ranging from retail, administrative, residential-type complexes, hospitals/clinics, warehouses and aircraft hangars.  We provide facility engineering design services related to supporting facility features, to include below-grade utility infrastructure for utility line tie-ins and connections, paving related to sidewalks and parking, environmental support for permitting and stormwater compliance, telecommunication infrastructure for telephone and audiovisual connections.  See below for a summary of the types of facility planning and designs HGD provides services for:  

Primary Facility Services:                                         Supporting Facility Services:

Administrative Building                                            Civil (Pavement, Sidewalks and Parking)

Residential Type Complexes                                      Landscaping

Retail Storefronts                                                    Environmental Mitigation Plans

Warehouse                                                             Telecommunications Infrastructure

Hospitals/Clinics                                                     Utility Infrastructure

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